Conference dinner


8th August 2013

The Premonstratensian Monastery in Strahov was founded in 1140 by Bishop Zdik of Olomouc with the support of the Czech prince and future king Vladislav II. The first mention of a brewery dates from the turn of 13th and 14th centuries. The last complete reconstruction was completed in the middle of 2001, the brewery has been restored and a restaurant has been set up with its own dark 14° “St. Norbert” beer named after the founder of the Premostratensian order. Also the wine from its own Moravian Premonstratensian cellars the name of the founder of the order – St. Norbert. Traditional Czech cuisine waits for you in this spectacular historical restaurant. Come and enjoy delicious food as well as the inimitable atmosphere of the venue.

(Vegetarian or any other special dietary requirements will be met)

Price: 1350,- CZK/person

Optional Visit to the World Unique Strahov Monastry Library

We prepared for you an exclusive private visit to one of the Prague ́s most remarkable monuments – Strahov Monastry Library. The Strahov area is one of Prague’s most interesting places due to its historical importance, size and present mission. After the Westphalian Peace the monastery’s book collections were so big that in 1671 a new library, so-called Theological hall, had to be built. The new library building the Philosophical Hall is remarkable from the architectural point of view as well. Since 1953 the Monument of National Literature has formed as a part of the Pramonstratensian Strahov Monastery. Strahov Library contains over 900 thousand volumes and 300 thousand works of expressive art. The oldest manuscript is a summary of the Gospels which dates back to the 10th century. The collection is extremely valuable not only in monetary figures but in historical significance as well. 
Don ́t miss this unique chance to visit this historical and really touching place in the evening hours, when it is usually close for the public. Your experience will be supported by concert of period singers and musicians. 
The Monastery Library is only couple of meters from the restaurant, where the dinner takes place.

Price: 820,- CZK/person